David A Annand is a Scottish sculptor who works on large public art projects in the UK and Ireland. His works are designed to create a sense of place for people to engage with, especially when combined with street furniture such as seating.

Bronze and stainless steel are used for the sculptures, which often feature digitally bead-blasted poetry. Commissioned poems are often a key feature in David’s work – they help engage the public, encouraging them to take time with the piece.

“Looking back at my sculpture you’d think I was obsessed with giving gravity a hard time and taking my materials to the limit. It’s easy enough to make life-like sculptures but by nudging them off balance in an awkward place – it makes them vulnerable, precarious; they get an urgency to be alive.”


One of my latest collaborations has been with the internationally acclaimed artist Ray Richardson, designing his website. Ray’s work is extraordinary –  his filmic, panoramic canvasses cropping tightly to a slice of life and atmosphere that is startling, intriguing, poetic.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Ray, developing his website to further expand his online presence and help showcase his remarkable work. Nice one, Ray.


Makeshifts is a dynamic learning and development consultancy, working with organisations and stakeholder communities to shift culture and practice at a deep level, in order to achieve better outcomes for all. 


Theresa Henry is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), with over 25 years’ experience of working with both adults and young people in one-to-one and group settings within the NHS and Third Sector.


Another fantastic project to work on was the website and publicity materials for The Onion Club – a collaboration between singer and performance artist Pauline M. Hynd and pianist/composer Stephen Lee.

In addition to developing their website, I designed their logo, posters and flyers for their forthcoming month-long performance run at The Gilded Balloon during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.